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EV1766A is a 75V/240mA LED driver EVB based on JW1766A.

The JW1766A is a constant current LED regulator with high current accuracy which applies to single stage step-down power factor corrected LED drivers. 600V power MOS is integrated, which can significantly simplify the design of LED lighting system.

High accuracy of output current is achieved by sampling the output current directly. Critical conduction mode operation reduces the switching losses and largely increases the efficiency.JW1766A is supplied from the output directly, and auxiliary winding is not needed.

JW1766A has multi-protection functions which largely enhance the safety and reliability of the system, including VCC over-voltage protection,
VCC UVLO, short-circuit protection, LED open protection,cycle-by-cycle current limit and over-temperature protection.


◆No auxiliary winding
◆600V high voltage MOSFETintegrated
◆High current accuracy ofline and load regulation
◆High power factor with lowoutput current-ripple
◆Critical conduction mode
◆High efficiency over wideoperating range
◆Cycle-by-cycle currentlimit
◆LED short protection
◆LED open protection
◆Over-temperature protection
◆Compact SOP7 package

Typical Application