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EV1600_S1_R1 is a 40V/460mA LED driver EVB based on JW1600.

The JW1600 is a primary-side control offline flyback controller with active power factor correction. It is especially designed for LED lighting system. The JW1600 controls the LED current accurately without using an opto-coupler, which can significantly simplify the design of LED lighting system. Utilizing an on-chip multiplier, the JW1600 achieves high power factor over
wide line and load ranges.

The multi-protection function largely enhances the safety and reliability of the system, including over voltage protection; short circuit protection, LED open protection, cycle-by-cycle current limit, VCC UVLO and over-temperature protection.


◆Real current controlwithout secondary feedback circuit
◆High current accuracy ofline regulation
◆Active power factorcorrection
◆Low harmonic content
◆High efficiency over wideoperating range
◆Cycle-by-cycle currentlimit
◆Input over-voltageprotection
◆LED short protection
◆LED open protection
◆Over-temperature protection
◆8-Pin SOP package

Typical Application