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JW1210 ballasts for one string of 60V lighting LEDs and removes the 100/120Hz current ripple on AC/DC power by a capacitor between VC and GND.

JW1210 allows user to setup the maximum voltage on LED pin by connect a resistor between VLMT andGND. If the voltage on LED pin exceeds limit threshold, the current ripple remover will be disabled and remain the LED voltage, which could help limiting the power dissipation on chip.

Multiple JW1210s can operate in parallel by shorting all VC PINs together. The average current matching rate between each JW1210s is less than ±1%.The maximum LED current is internally limited as 440mA.JW1210 provides thermal protection.


◆Scalable Adaptive 100/120Hz Current Ripple Remover
◆5V~60V Input Voltage
◆Built-in LED Driving MOSFET
◆LED Voltage Low to 0.65V @ 0.25A
◆Programmable LED Current Ripple
◆Programmable maximum LED Voltage
◆Over thermal protection
◆eSOP8 and TO220-5Lpackage

Typical Application