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EV1231_S0_R0 is used to remove the 100/120Hz current ripple on AC/DC power by a capacitor between VC and GND.

By sensing the LED pin voltage via a resistor divider, JW1230 allows user to setup the maximum  cathode voltage of LED string. JW1230 provides voltage limit threshold and short threshold for  protection. If the voltage on LED pin exceeds limit threshold, the current ripple removing function is blocked, which could help limit the power dissipation on the chip. It’s considered that LED is  shorted when LED voltage is higher than short threshold and remains over 0.5 second. The internal MOSFET shuts down when LED is shorted.

JW1230 also provides OPEN and HOT-PLUG protection. The maximum LED current is internally limited at 1.3A.

JW1230 provides over thermal protection. When OTP is trigged, the current removing function is blocked, and then the temperature decreases.


◆Adaptive 100/120Hz currentripple remover
◆Input voltage range 5V~60V
◆Built-in 60V power MOSFET
◆LED voltage low to 0.4Vwhen LED current is 1.3A
◆Programmable amplitude ofLED current ripple
◆Programmable maximumcathode voltage of LED
◆Internal LED currentlimitation
◆Short protection
◆Hot plug protection
◆Over temperature protection
◆TO252-5L Package

Typical Application