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KP1264C is a family of highly integrated Constant Current LED power switch. The IC utilizes Quasi-Resonant (QR) Buck topology with active

PFC control for high PF, low THD, and high efficiency.

KP1264C integrates internal demagnetization detection circuit and 500V power MOSFET with high voltage startup, which eliminates auxiliary

winding for power supply and demagnetization and simplifies the design and production cost of the system. The IC adopts accurate current

sensing, close loop constant current control to achieve high precision CC control with excellent line and load regulation.

KP1264C integrates functions and protections of Cycle-by-cycle Current Limiting (OCP), Thermal Fold-back (OTP), Output Over Voltage

Protection (OVP), LED Open/Short Protection, etc.


Active Power Factor Correction

High PF Value >0.9

Built-in Power Supply Circuit

Internal 500V Power MOSFET

No VDD, COMP Capacitor Design

Programmable OVP

QR Operation Mode for High Efficiency

High Output Current Accuracy< ±3%

Ultra-low Operation Current

Good Line and Load Regulation

Built-in Protections:

     ¡ Output Over Voltage Protection (OVP)

     ¡ Cycle by Cycle Current Limit (OCP)

     ¡ Leading Edge Blanking (LEB)

     ¡ LED Open and Short Protection

     ¡ Thermal Fold-back (OTP)

Package Available with SOP-7

Typical Application


LED Driver

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